Fill me in on JUVEDERM

JUVEDERM is a smooth injectable gel made from a natural complex sugar called Hyaluronic Acid. It is injected below the skin’s surface to ‘fill-in’ wrinkles, ‘plump-up’ small areas such as the lips, and ‘re-volumise’ large areas like cheeks. These treatments can help you regain naturally defined contours and youthful facial curves with natural-looking and feeling results. Faces change over time. Think back to your facial shape when you were younger, or look at your mother or father to see what you may look like in the future. It is volume loss and soft tissue redistribution that influences much of this change.

What does JUVEDERM treatment involve?

JUVEDERM treatment is a non-surgical procedure administered through injection by a trained medical professional. The procedure usually takes 15-30 minutes with results that can be seen immediately, and the majority of people resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. For increased comfort during administration, some JUVEDERM products are specially formulated with a local anesthetic.

How long does a JUVEDERM treatment last?

In its natural form, Hyaluronic Acid is a single chain sugar that is naturally broken down by the body within days. JUVEDERM is manufactured using proprietary HYLACROSS or VYCROSS technologies, which crosslink the molecules to slow their breakdown. This means results can last up to a year with JUVEDERM Ultra and JUVEDERM Ultra plus and up to 18-24 months with JUVEDERM VOLUMA.

Are there any side effects?

Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers have been used for many years, and clinical trials have shown that JUVEDERM is well tolerated. While you may experience no side effects at all, as with all medications, side effects can occur. Reported dermal filler side effects include injection site redness, pain, firmness, swelling, lumps & bumps, bruising, itching, or discolouration. In the vast majority of cases, these effects are temporary and should resolve within a week. Ask your healthcare professional if you have any questions about side effects of treatment.

Be informed on BOTOX

BOTOX is a treatment option for those areas where repeated muscle movement is causing your ‘dynamic’ lines to turn into more permanent ‘static’ wrinkles. The natural purified protein in BOTOX targets specific facial muscles involved in wrinkle formation to make a visible difference, leaving you with a refreshed, relaxed and natural look. 

What does BOTOX treatment involve?

BOTOX is a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles creating a refreshed look. BOTOX treatment is a non-surgical procedure in where a small amount of BOTOX is administered into selected facial muscles by a trained medical professional using a very fine needle. Generally BOTOX treatments take around 10 minutes. Discomfort is typically minimal and brief, and no anesthetic is usually required. The injection may sting for a few seconds but there is usually no downtime needed and you are ready to get on with your day soon after treatment.

When will I see results?

Generally, people start to see results within two days of their treatment and it takes about seven days for the complete effect to be visible.

How long will BOTOX last?

The effects of BOTOX treatment usually last up to four months and gradually decrease over time. Regular BOTOX treatments every four months may help improve the longevity of the treatments effects. 

Will facial expression be affected by BOTOX?

BOTOX is intended to enhance and refresh your look. Treatment will only relax muscles beneath the facial lines at the point of injection, (so that other elements of facial expression remain active). If you choose not to have further BOTOX treatments you muscles will eventually return to their former activity, and your facial lines will gradually revert to their pre-treatment levels. 

Are there any side effects?

In the vast majority of cases, any side effects are temporary and are limited to where BOTOX was injected. Possible side effects include pain, burning, stinging, bruising, swelling or redness at the injection site; local muscle weakness including drooping eyelids or eyebrows; swollen eyelids and skin tightness; tingling sensations, itching or aching forehead; headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms. Ask your healthcare professional if you have any questions about side effects of treatment.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections Price

Botox $12.95 per unit

Dysport $3.95 per unit

Love your lips (ultra) 1ml $389

Frown lines / crows feet from $198

Forehead from $99

Brow lift from $59