Photo Rejuvenation

A high-performance noninvasive treatment with Adena’s secured yellow filter penetrates the epidermis and the superficial dermis. Re-stimulating and restructuring the fibroblasts, offering a renewed elasticity to the skin for a lifting and toned effect. The Photo-thermal effect accelerates the natural renewal of the skin cells of the epidermis offering it a harmonious complexion.

Photo rejuvenation also being able to treat the elimination of pigmentation spots from the skin (including freckles). With just one treatment Adena can dramatically reduce the appearance of the spots while also limiting future over production of melanin. We can treat skins I – V.

Broken Capillaries, rosacea causes their contraction followed by their natural elimination, and strengthening capillary walls.

Recommended 6 + treatments 3-4 weeks apart is required, and excellent long-term results are possible with a healthy lifestyle and great skincare and sunblock. However, results will vary person to person.




One Session $ 399 Buy 3 or more $379


One session $ 399 Buy 3 or more $379


One session $179 Buy 3 or more $159


One Session $199 Buy 3 or more $169